2012 Texas Poet Laureate Turns to Memoirs

Angelina River Press is proud to announce the release of memoirs from prolific award winning author Jan Seale. Nature Nurture Neither: A Family’s Journey in Creativity SealeFrontCovexplores the sharing of artistic talent within a family in a humorous, memorable fashion. According to the publisher: Is it genes, or environment or something else that causes a child to select one of the arts as a life’s work? What are the odds that the offspring of a musician and a poet will be artists? One family’s creative passage shines a light on the deliberate and incidental ways in which all five came to be involved is music, literature, and visual art. This family autobiography is unscientific, anecdotal, and entertaining—in the best tradition of memoirs.

Jan Seale’s impressive accomplishments include two books of short fiction, three volumes of nonfiction, nine books of poetry, and nine children’s books. She is a contributor to numerous well respected publications, such as The Yale Review, Texas Monthly, and Newsday in addition to being a recipient of a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship in Creative Writing.

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Love is Not a Dirty Word

Another fine collection of short stories is coming soon from Lamar University Press.

In John Wegner’s Love is Not a Dirty Word and Other Stories, “love” might not be a dirty word, but relationships are certainly complicated by poverty, technology, and social expectations. FrontCovWengerA cast of memorable characters struggle to make connections in meaningful ways as they fight memories of violent childhoods or struggle to understand their own sexuality. At the heart of the collection, though, is a sense that love is less about romance and more about surviving everyday trials and problems. And survival sometimes requires sacrifice. Some lucky few triumph while others’ past and poverty force them into violent confrontations or a willing isolation from human contact in favor of internet pornography. In all the stories, Wegner gives an original voice to characters that search for some place in the world.

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Poet Laureate Releases Tenth Book

Denton, TX–Karla K. Morton, award-winning author and Texas Poet Laureate, announced that her tenth book, Constant State of Leaping, has been released by Texas Review Press.

The publisher describes the new collection as “a bold book of poetry delving into risks” and “unfettered joy.”

Kevin Prufer, author of National Anthem and In a Beautiful Country, says: “The poems in Karla K. Morton’s Constant State of Leaping address the big, old subjects: the deaths of loved ones, the poignant intricacies of family life, the complex beauty of nature.”

Constant State of LeapingDavid Bowles, author of Flower, Song, Dance: Aztec and Mayan Poetry says of Morton’s work: “Her work often sparkles, at turns clever, amusing, sensual and sad, but always deeply perceptive of human nature, of the webs that bind us and keep us apart. Accessible and imagery-rich, Morton’s poems have an appreciable emotional heft.”

Constant State of Leaping is available at Amazon.com, Texas A&M University Press and local bookstores.

For more information, visit Texas Poet Laureate.

Love Stories (Sort Of)

Another fine collection of short stories is due from Lamar University Press in early 2015.

Terry Dalrymple’s fine collection, Love Stories (Sort Of), requires a parenthetical explanation in the title because the kids in the stories do not understand the source of puppy love. The adolescents cannot distinguish between love and lust. And Dalrymple’s adult characters merely think they understand the nuances of the powerful forces love and physical attraction. But they are helpless to follow rational behavior when afflicted by lust. These stories are not chivalric romances. They vividly illustrate real people in love, real people like all of us. The characters in this assemblage get by as best they can in often humorous and always poignant ways. Among the characters areDalrympleLoveStories

  • an idealistic eleven-year-old with a gift for pencil drawing and a crush on his teacher
  • a forty-seven-year-old real estate agent looking for another ego-bolstering bedpost notch
  • a beautiful, lonely young woman whose only knowledge of love comes from classical literature and her mother’s dire warnings about nasty things boys seek.

These (sort of) love stories will remind us of ourselves and many people we know, perhaps in ways we are reluctant to admit.

via Lamar University Press.

New Release: Epistolary Poems

Beaumont, TX–According to The Mimeograph, Lamar University Press will release an unusual collection of poetry in January 2015. Pushing the Envelope: Epistolary Poems will feature more than fifty poets from the United States, Canada, Europe, and Israel. The book will be composed of epistolary poetry—poems in the form of letters.J-Z-Cov1-900

The introduction to the upcoming publication describes the unique nature of the selections:
Poetry in this collection, most written for this specific anthology, continues a tradition more than two thousand years old in its combining of letter-writing with poetry. The poets published here explore concerns that so many personal letters often express: love and loss, hope and redemption, turmoil and joy, outward exploration and introspection. Each poem amounts to a literary envelope that readers can open to discover lyrical language offered in the form of an epistle.

For more information on this exciting new anthology, see: Forthcoming Book Boasts Over 50 Authors.

University Press Requests Impudence

Beaumont, TX–Lamar University Press is now accepting poetry submissions for its upcoming book,
The Great American Wise Ass Poetry Anthology.Wise A image The top three poets will receive large cash prizes. According to the press, snarky and irreverent poetry unsuitable for any reputable anthology will be especially welcome in the upcoming book. Editors Jerry Bradley and Ulf Kirchdorfer specifically request that any satire be biting rather than polite.

To read more about the contest and the upcoming anthology. visit Lamar University Press.