Craven’s Women of Thunder Named INDIEFAB Finalist

WotCravenCoverTraverse City, Michigan–Forward Reviews has named Jerry Craven’s novel, Women of Thunder (TCU Press 2014), as a 2014 Multicultural Fiction finalist. Craven is no stranger to the nomination because his 2013 novel, The Wild Part, was also selected as a finalist. Women of Thunder is the sequel to The Wild Part.

Asked how he feels about having two consecutive novels named as finalists and the potential for a book of the year award, Craven answered, “It would be nice to win in the final judging, but being a finalist is a plenty flattering win of sorts.” Women of Thunder began accumulating awards even prior to its publication. The Deep South Writers Conference selected the book as Best Novel in their annual contest. The Conference of College Teachers of English gave their Creative Writing award to a chapter of the novel, and the North Texas Professional Writers Association selected the first chapter of Women of Thunder for their first place award.craven canoe 2

Jerry Craven is a retired professor of English who is originally from East Texas. He has lived in South America, southeast Asia, near the Caspian Sea, and traveled throughout much of the rest of the world. Since retirement he has returned to Texas where he lives in Jasper and spends many daylight hours canoeing and photographing the East Texas waterways.


New Feature: New Writer Spotlight

Small Press News is proud to add a new feature, the New Writer Spotlight. Spotlight will feature writers that have published their first novel, book of nonfiction, or book-length collection of poetry. Poet John Milkereit and his collection A Rotating Equipment Engineer Is Never Finished (Ink Brush Press, 2015) will kick off the series. John has recently been interviewed by The Mimeograph about his creative process and upcoming performances.

2nd Collection for Non-fiction Writer Turned Poet

StrattonFrontCover-1000Beaumont, TX–Lamar University Press is delighted to announce the upcoming publication of a second collection of poetry from a writer better known for nonfiction works about sports like boxing, football, and rodeo. W. K. Stratton’s Ranchero Ford/Dying in Red Dirt Country will, according to the publisher, please a diverse group of readers in both style and content:

W.K. Stratton continues his exploration of alter ego alleyways in his second book of poetry, Ranchero Ford/Dying in Red Dirt Country. Written in both verse and prose-poem form, the pieces in the book form a poetic concept album dealing much with time and place and family, both real and imagined. The poems draw images from a tough society populated by oilfield roughnecks, bootleggers, brawlers, and outlaws. Ranchero Ford/Dying in Red Dirt Country is bookended by long pieces exploring loss in the unforgiving territory. Stratton, a past president of the Texas Institute of Letters, has written four books of nonfiction and co-edited another.

StrattonKipStratton’s first collection of poetry, Dreaming Sam Peckinpah, was released by Ink Brush Press in 2011. Stratton lives in Central Texas and is rumored to be working on another book about Sam Peckinpah.

For more information about the release of Ranchero Ford/Dying in Red Dirt Country and other fine books, visit Lamar University Press.

Building Verse

Dallas, TX–Ink Brush Press has announced the forthcoming release of a new collection of poetry. A Rotating Equipment Engineer Is Never Finished by John Milkereit is a work by a real-life engineer. Though firmly grounded in the sciences needed for a career in engineering, Milkereit also excels in the arts with his performanceMilkereitFrontFinal-900 poetry, and he is currently enrolled in an MFA program. His work has been praised by the likes of Texas Poet Laureates and others. According to Dave Parsons (2011 Texas Poet Laureate):

John Milkereit’s poems sing with the free-wheeling voice of the very finest performance poetry, yet they also gift his readers with the delight of well-wrought similes and metaphors that pleasantly surprise, always entertaining and urging the reader on, widening our reality with his unique imaginative visions.

For this and other fine books, visit Ink Brush Press.